History and activities of the company

Tradition and history are a sure proof of the quality and success of the business. The proof is right in front of you, a company Neksan Ltd. Niksic, which was founded back in 1992. The main activity of the company was internal and external wholesale of various types of goods (food, excise goods, building materials).

With the increase in trade, Neksan started to engage in transport and freight forwarding. The basic policy of the owner was to invest all the money earned, partly in new business arrangements, and partly in the construction of commercial complex in Niksic. Neksan expands activities and is engaged in oil and oil derivatives trade at its gas station, as well as in the production of spirits and wines in its own factory, equipped according to the latest international standards in this field.

By the end of 2006, Neksan begins to deal with the construction of buildings as its predominant activity. Facilities that Neksan builds become recognizable in the market of Montenegro, by combination of modern and traditional, high quality construction, and by imposing exterior and interior of buildings (Budva, Sveti Stefan, Podgorica, Niksic …). In 2014 Neksan purchases all the assets of the bankrupt ''Kovacnica'' (The Forge), as well as ''Tehno Stil'' in bankruptcy, with the intention to expand the business. Business complex of Neksan located in Niksic includes: Management-administrative building, Office building and two production-warehouse buildings for the production of spirits and wines. In addition, Neksan is the owner of landfill with total area of 225.000m2, in Rubeza-Niksic, which is, due to the processing of waste, interesting for foreign business partners, considering that this kind of activity is increasingly present in the world.

Neksan is the owner of office space in a building in Sveti Stefan with total area of 221m2. Also, in 2014, Neksan becomes the owner of the former Jugopetrol building, which is located in the center of Kotor, in the vicinity of the sea and the port of Kotor, and therefore gives the possibility of multiple operations. One of the most attractive locations on the Montenegrin coast, Morinj, actually the land with the sea coast, with an area of 21,000 m2, is the property of the company Neksan as well. Neksan is recognizable by reviving companies in bankruptcy, which represents a risk, and therefore a rarity. In May 2011, until May 2012, our company organized steel production in ''Zeljezara'' during the bankruptcy, which has contributed to the selling of ''Zeljezara'' for 15 million euros. Also, in the current 2014, we are organizing the production in the Bauxite Mines, which are in bankruptcy, so that the bankruptcy for employees in these companies does not mean the end, bureau, termination of employment...